Devendra Banhart

Oh Banhart, never stop singing and inspiring! I have a major crush on your personality, the way you move, talk and sing. I first got fully consumed by this song, after which I ended up to become a Banhartian.


The combination of his great music, personality and his earlier choice of girlfriend (now ex girlfriend Ana Kras) are major points why I love this guy. He clearly doesn’t lack taste.

Ana + Devendra

Meet Devendra Barnhart and Ana Kras. Two lovebirds with a lovestory and miscellaneous cuteness. While it probably helps that they both look like models, but these two exude that inner cultural exposure one simply cannot try to attain by joining an avant-garde french film club or insisting on only going to microbreweries. Devendra, who was born in Texas, and raised in Venezuela, went to art school in San Francisco (pretty cool) to then drop out to perform folk-rock and tour with Sonic Youth (ridiculously cool). Devendra met Ana when she flew in from her homeland of Serbia to photograph his home for a magazine – ridoncs. This sort of thing would be creepy any other circumstances, here it is not.

In an interview in 2014 with PitchFork magazine, and just about every where else these two have had the chance to mention it, the couple spilled that the first words Devendra ever spoke to her was, “Will you marry me?” This, again, was the sort of thing that would be creepy under any other circumstance, however here it is not. Ana was apparently upset (Because that was the only initial reaction to when a 6 foot hottie with a beard who sings like a modern day Elvis asks for your hand in marriage!!!) It does not end here amigo, in a more official setting and time he proposed to her in Poconos palace, a resort he calls frozen in 1975 with ultra cheesy heart-shaped and giant champagne glass hot tubs. ©


Some personally selected songs:


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