About me

I’m Sahra Sahibi

29, born & brought up in the midst of idyllic hilly landscape of Stuttgart. A city where old world charm meets modern flair. I have spent the last 2 1/2 years in Delhi, India and worked for Ro.Gro (creative consultancy), Liganova (Brand Retail Management) and for the international award winning advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, where I was heading the Project Management Department. My current job brought me back to Berlin, Germany and I am currently working at DDB Berlin GmbH as an Account Manager and handling our client Sony (Europe + Latin America), since January 2018.

Experience & Skill Set

I have been (co-) creating advertising campaigns, doing strategic research for Television, organizing events in the Film & Fashion industry, setting up Project Management Systems, as well as gained international work experience in cities like Stuttgart, Berlin, Delhi, Mumbai & San Francisco.

Some of the Companies I worked for in the past:

Companies, Sahra has worked for

Up close & personal

Who am I? I am a lover of good aesthetics who is trying to push my own creative capabilities forward every single day. It’s a process and I am enjoying it. A critical thinker (sometimes a little too critical) but honest & direct for sure. Lover of pretty planning books to document my projects and keep my daily tasks up to date as well as to check them faithfully off. In an ever-evolving intent to connect dots between Management, Art, Society & Advertising, my efforts are to constantly adapt to current trends in technology, politics and social media.

My Values  

The changing nature of Organizations, work and workplaces are also effecting/influencing human beings and to stick to your work values, is something one has to evolve and consolidate over time. My cumulated personal experience over the years, especially in the communication & media industry, is that we have to hold to few pillars, besides thinking out of the box and trying to bring out the best of creativity. My personal pillars are building long lasting relationships with colleagues (which also includes working with diverse people of various cultures and backgrounds), being challenged and not sticking monotony as well as avoid pettifogging, bring in a positive attitude and solving problems (includes evaluating, managing and resolving) & lastly continuously nurture & foster Knowledge.

Due to my continuous admiration for art, acting and rigorously following Updates in the Art & Film Scene in India, I’ve been chosen to play a very small but dear-to-my-heart role in an upcoming Indian movie called ”The Bioscopewallah” – directed by Deb Medhekar & Produced by Handmade Films pvt ltd / Sunil Doshi. I will be seen playing the wife of lead actor & legend Danny Denzogpa. Other actors also include Geetanjali Thapa, Tisca Chopra, Adil Hussain, Simon Frenay, Bhawani Bashir Yasir, Brijendra Kala and more. The film is an extrapolation of the story ‘Kabuliwala’ by the Nobel Prize winning author Rabindranath Tagore. It is inspired by the characters created by Tagore and begins where Tagore left them in his story. The film tells the story of a father-daughter relationship and the redemption of a daughter’s emotion. Moreover, it pays tribute to the fact, ‘Cinema is Alive and Well’ and thus becomes homage to the magic of Cinema. One can think of it as another ‘Cinema Paradiso’.

#Bioscopewala will release early 2018.