An ode to Berlin!

This is my very first post and I am going to dedicate it to a place close to my heart & (yes, drama,drama) > soul. I am talking about Berlin.

A city, that made me feel alive after living in suburban area in Stuttgart for most of my child- & beginning of my adulthood. Being born & brought up in a relatively smaller city to immigrant parents from Asia, wasn’t always a roller coaster ride. We are going to emphasis on those reasons in another post in future, since it’s a topic I’d like take up and describe in detail. Coming back to Berlin…

I literally saw Peter Pan & Mickey Mouse standing in line with me at a grocery store (guess they just came from a party or god knows what for a thirst quencher). You will get to meet new people all the time. The amount of clubs and drugs are endless and there’s basically a bar for every Person(ality). Vintage parties. Techno parties. Queer parties. SM parties. Rock’n’Roll parties. Vegan Food parties. Non-alcoholic spiritual parties. Any Party/Event – name it – you’ll find it. You will see people passing by naked. Sex appeal at every corner & form. You’ll find struggling actors and artists. Punks full of attitude. Arabs radiating pride. Intellectual small talk at Soho house – or maybe just drunk wannabes at Soho house. Berlin people have strong opinions and sometimes come across as rude but they are nice and warm and understanding. They stand up for who they are & they won’t let anyone break their mojo. They are grounded and honest.

Even if you haven’t been to this city, after this paragraph you might have understood that this place if fully packed with loads of people from different places, cultures, interests and the fascinating truth is, that this place captivates all the love and warmth behind it’s graffiti filled walls, smudged lipsticks, hungover mornings & hard work shifts.

The streets are filled with art and inherently great personalities walking around through the city. Each interesting in their own way. Looking at the world from a different cities’ perspective, was and still is quite intriguing.

What’s all the work we do in advertising, if we can’t connect thoughts, look at things through peoples eyes and not understand motivations or patterns of behaviour…. I believe good advertisers know people & the world with all it’s little tiny elements.

I might be exaggerating here and there but one has to stay at this place for longer then a holiday to understand the captivating magic it radiates.


This is it for now. Until next time, Machs jut!